Looking to ways to make your next Real Estate puchase a breeze? Here’s 10 Documents that will simplify the process when applying for a mortgage in Toronto:

1. Job Letter
2. Two Most Recent Pay Stubs
3. 3 Months Banking Statements
4. 2 Years Notice of Assesment
5. Self Employed: Master Business Licence
6: Self Employed: Articles of Employment
7. Self Employed: 2 Years T1 Generals 2 Years T2 Generals
8. Self Employed: 2 Years Notice of Assesment
9. Self Employed: Business Finacials Showing Activity
10. Self Employed: 6 Months Banking Statement

Samantha Brookes is the CEO & Founder of Mortgages of Canada. With more than 16 years of experience refinancing mortgages, consolidating homeowner debt and providing private home equity loans, Brookes and her team offer flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of today’s customer.

Samantha provides a diversity of knowledge when analyzing each client’s financial situation, combined with a compassionate approach to the complicated business of mortgages and investing. Her persistent work ethic has helped her to build solid relationships with lending associates and banks to ensure she gets the best-priced, individually-structured mortgage loans for her clients.

Not only is Samantha a Mortgage Broker and Founder & CEO of one of the fastest growing brokerages in Canada, she’s also a Motivational Speaker, a Columnist for Huffington Post and Creator & host of her own YouTube Channel, and a Mentor to individuals looking to fulfill their passion.

Samantha was recently name one of Canada’s Elite 100 women in real estate by Real Estate Professional Magazine and can be seen sharing her knowledge on mortgages and offering Canadians strategies to help achieve their financial goals during her guest appearances on Bell Media’s Business News Network and CTV’s Your Morning.

Season 2 of SamanthaTV will feature real estate tips, tricks and mortgage secrets to help make your home buying experience a breeze! SamanthaTV will air every Thursday at 2:00 pm on Youtube and Facebook.

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